Welcome to The Valley

What every founder should know before moving his or her company to San Francisco.

Welcome to The Valley, a newsletter about Silicon Valley custom and practice. My name is Massimo Sgrelli. I’m a software engineer, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist in Menlo Park. This newsletter aims to help startup founders and investors (like angel investors and family offices) outside the Bay Area to understand how Silicon Valley startups work. San Francisco startups think and act differently from those born and grown in other areas. Venture capitalists have a different mindset. Things move fast. This newsletter will include all I wish someone had told me twelve years ago as a foreign entrepreneur coming to Silicon Valley from Italy for the first time.

I decided to start writing a newsletter about because I talk to hundreds of non-US founders every year, and I came to understand that most of them don’t know how things work in the Valley. European startups have a different mindset. But also New York startups have differences from those in San Francisco.

More and more startups are moving to Silicon Valley, and nobody is telling them why and how this place is different.

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